kara. 23.
I enjoy beauty, fashion, music, and many other things. Got questions? Feel free to ask.


Finally getting to a point in my life where past grudges don’t matter, I’m not harvesting any new ones, and I’m truly in love with myself. The best part is being able to appreciate other people’s beauty and uniqueness without comparing myself to it.

I got the most amazing early birthday present today!

Darren and my mom surprised me with this beautiful new makeup storage.  I’ve wanted this unit forever, but was waiting to buy it until I got another job.

I am so thankful for the present obviously, but I’m more thankful that they took the time to plan all of this out and surprise me. <3

  • went for an hour long stroll this morning
  • tried a new mascara
  • made an amazing tuna noodle casserole from a new recipe (cooking a new meal for the first time is the worst…always takes way longer to get everything together)
  • going to kickboxing later tonight
  • attempting to organize my closet

I bought a groupon for a local kickboxing class and tonight was my first night.  I showed up very nervous but ended up having an awesome time!

Can’t wait to get more familiar with the class and start pushing myself.